Rich Warren

Rich Warren


Finding the catalyst to climb off the sofa and leap from challenge to challenge for charity has provided me with life confidence - which I'm now striving to instil in my deaf son and the wider community.


I've pledged to run

Run 1,000 miles with 100,000ft of climbing by the end of the year. (2017 was only 85,000ft of run climbing...but then, I am still a cyclist!)

November Run Challenge - Week 1 Complete

Created on 07 Nov 2017

First week of the November run challenge completed (1 mile on 1st, 2 miles on 2nd, 3 miles on 3rd etc.).  As anticipated, it was impossible to keep down to the bare minimum miles – considering I volunteer run lead 4 or 5 times a week with a minimum of 3 miles on each.

Wed (1st) 3.3 miles, Thu (2nd) 5.4 miles, Fri (3rd) 4 miles, Sat (4th) 5 miles, Sun (5th) 5 miles, Mon (6th) 6 miles and Tue (7th) 7 miles.

  School Drop Run - leave the kids at school and go running

November 7th, now past the 10k distance, so will be keeping to the correct mileage.  I’ll admit the joints do have a few aches already but the foam roller is in regular use.

I seem to be alternating between good day/harder day – today the first few miles felt hard on the flat and my right leg kept weakening but once I got going uphill everything felt good.  Nice to reach enough miles to do a decent trail type run rather than pounding the roads.

  Trail Shoes Day - chance to see some better scenary

New road trainers arrived today too, so I'll looking forward to fresher cushioning now – the Nimbus were just approaching 500 miles which is where I feel the support starts to tail off.  I have very little natural running ability, so for me, it's not about exhaustion but about my body hanging together and I know I've followed far fitter folk trying to do the same thing and I've seen where they've cut out.  At least my heart recovery rate looks fine, even if Garmin thinks it's only 'OK' :-)