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Rich Warren


Finding the catalyst to climb off the sofa and leap from challenge to challenge for charity has provided me with life confidence - which I'm now striving to instil in my deaf son and the wider community.


I've pledged to run

Run 1,000 miles with 100,000ft of climbing by the end of the year. (2017 was only 85,000ft of run climbing...but then, I am still a cyclist!)

November N+1 Challenge

Created on 24 Oct 2017

No, the November N+1 challenge isn't about seeing how many bikes you can purchase during November!

This originated as a personal challenge to run every day in November but increasing the distance by 1 mile each day and seeing how far through the month I could manage.

However, I thought I'd open the challenge out by adding a points scoring mechanism (rather than forcing a brutal month-long streak) and allowing a few ways to tackle things, including rest days.  It's easier to show by example, so visit the score card I put together here < >.

In essence, you choose your activity and your increment (completely open) and the scorecard calendar updates with your targets.  Each day you complete the target, you tick and get points.  The points are simple, the day of month is the base points but you then get bonus points for each consecutive day (e.g. 2 consecutive days gives you 1 bonus point, 7 consecutive days gives you 6 points).  So early in the month it's easy to get points for a streak and later in the month big points for individual days.

The scorecard browser address changes each time you change something, so you can easily copy/share the page to compare with friends or (re)bookmark after each update so you can return to it (I don't store anything on a server - kept it simples this time).

Some ideas for challenges you may like to try:

Have fun but look after yourself and don't forget to pledge!


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