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My vegan month - the first 10 days

Created on 10 Jan 2018

So, in addition to various running pledges, I pledged to go vegan for January and am now 10 days in. I've been fully vegetarian for over 20 years but often don't eat that healthily, with lots of dairy, so this seemed a good way to eat more healthily, reduce my environmental footprint, and stop relying on other living beings just to sustain myself.

How is it going I hear you ask?

Mixed is probably the answer.  Breakfast is great, I’ve been making lovely porridge with oat milk and berries and feel good and stuffed till lunchtime.  I’ve been making some new meals and my family have stoically chomped their way through beans and lentils in various forms.

Although weight loss wasn’t the objective, I have to say I thought it would be a natural consequence as I wasn’t eating milk, cheese, eggs, biscuits, cake and chocolate, so one of the most surprising things is that I have hardly lost any weight at all – a measly 2lbs so far.

As well as not being thin, I’m also not smugly bouncing with health – perhaps it takes a bit longer for the high energy levels, glowing skin and lustrous hair to show themselves.

What am I missing?

Curiously, I’m not missing cheese.  I say this as someone who ate cheese every day, sometimes in large quantities. I am missing milk in tea though, especially that first cup of the morning.  None of the plant milks seemed terribly appealing in tea so I’m just drinking it black and that does produce a small sigh of disappointment with every cup.

What have I discovered?

Nutritional yeast is something that badly needs an image makeover because it is a powerful B-vitamin-packed product that adds a flavour like cheese+marmite to your food. Vegans shouldn’t be keeping it to themselves, we should all have a tub in the cupboard.

That’s all for now, but if you have any fave vegan recipes, do share them and I will report back in another 10 or so days and let you know how it is going.

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