Cath Rodkoff

Cath Rodkoff


SweatPledge Ambassador, Nottingham Girls Cycle founder, Breeze Champion. I love encouraging women like me to push themselves to be the best they can and I know we are all capable of so much more than we believe.


I've pledged to cycle

I'm going to be kind to myself and just enjoy being on my bike for the rest of the year. I need to stop scaring off my mojo!


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I'm going to be kind to myself and just enjoy being on my bike for the rest of the year. I need to stop scaring off my mojo!

In support of: Michael Hobster


I will cycle 240 miles unsupported from Bordeaux to Narbonne. Camping too!

In support of: katherine wilson

I'm aiming to complete this by: 15/08/2017

Goal completed!


Try my hand at cycle touring. Unsupported. In a tent. In very hot France in summer. I'm scared!

In support of: Adventure Syndicate

I'm aiming to complete this by: 31/08/2017

Goal completed!


I'm going to complete the 2017 SweatPledge advent calendar

In support of: Theresa Peacock

I'm aiming to complete this by: 25/12/2017

Goal completed!


I'm going to cycle with Lianne in the GNBR

In support of: Lianne Hughes

I'm aiming to complete this by: 30/06/2018

Goal completed!



Winning by Admitting Defeat

26th Sep 2017

I've been quite unwell recently and it has literally forced me to do something I realised I need to spend more time doing - reflecting, assessing and ... Read more


6 days ago

I think my mojo's back! Totally loved leading an 18 mile Breeze ride tonight. 11 participants, 3 ride leaders, lots of fun, a little rain. They were expecting about 10 miles I learned so may have broken one or two. Oops!

1 week ago

We'll it's not sport but I've not half sweated some this afternoon cleaning off my balcony! It's now a nice space to chill and cool down!

11 months ago

Well I've had a very challenging 10 days, being too ill to ride as much distance as I wanted to but I've said complete as I made it to the end. Unlike my bike which got nicked in the last day. I'm now reviewing everything, what do I really want to do? Maybe some pledge changes...

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Sally Davis


Clive Brooker
Thanks Cath. I set myself the target of 365 centuries in 1986 when I realised I'd get to 100 100s quite quickly. I'd been stuck on 236 for several years before starting again at the end of 2015. That was before meeting Kajsa, but it was she who inspired me to think big!
2 months ago
Andrew F.
I felt pretty bad pledging to ride "The Shark" route to you and never delivering. Here's a substitute. I finished off my 2017 long rides with a ride along "The Hell of the Ashdown" 107k sportive route. Toughest 100k I've ever ridden. It was indeed a cold day in hell.
7 months ago
Indigo Kelly
Hiya Cath, your amazing tenacity and self-honesty are inspirational. You’ve inspired me. Indi :-D
9 months ago
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