Cath Rodkoff

Cath Rodkoff


SweatPledge Ambassador, Nottingham Girls Cycle founder, Breeze Champion. I love encouraging women like me to push themselves to be the best they can and I know we are all capable of so much more than we believe.


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Three Peaks Challenge


I've pledged to:


Three Peaks Challenge

In support of: Kajsa Tylen

I'm aiming to complete this by: 30/09/2018


I'm going to complete the 2017 SweatPledge advent calendar

In support of: Theresa Peacock

I'm aiming to complete this by: 25/12/2017


I'm going to cycle with Lianne in the GNBR

In support of: Lianne Hughes

I'm aiming to complete this by: 30/06/2018


I will cycle 240 miles unsupported from Bordeaux to Narbonne. Camping too!

In support of: katherine wilson

I'm aiming to complete this by: 15/08/2017

Goal completed!


Try my hand at cycle touring. Unsupported. In a tent. In very hot France in summer. I'm scared!

In support of: Adventure Syndicate

I'm aiming to complete this by: 31/08/2017

Goal completed!



Winning by Admitting Defeat

26th Sep 2017

I've been quite unwell recently and it has literally forced me to do something I realised I need to spend more time doing - reflecting, assessing and ... Read more


5 months ago

Well I've had a very challenging 10 days, being too ill to ride as much distance as I wanted to but I've said complete as I made it to the end. Unlike my bike which got nicked in the last day. I'm now reviewing everything, what do I really want to do? Maybe some pledge changes...

5 months ago

So tomorrow - the cycle tour pledges begin! I'm excited. And terrified. And genuinely sick. Let's hope the antibiotics kick in...

6 months ago

Can you see the sweat? Can you? Can you? Turns out I can only pump my tyre up to about 40psi with my mini hand pump. Made the cycle home jolly hard work!

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Sally Davis


Andrew F.
I felt pretty bad pledging to ride "The Shark" route to you and never delivering. Here's a substitute. I finished off my 2017 long rides with a ride along "The Hell of the Ashdown" 107k sportive route. Toughest 100k I've ever ridden. It was indeed a cold day in hell.
1 month ago
Indigo Kelly
Hiya Cath, your amazing tenacity and self-honesty are inspirational. You’ve inspired me. Indi :-D
3 months ago
Kajsa Tylen
I love your blog - very honest and emotional. Big hugs, miss you! xx
3 months ago
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