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Not sure where to start on that all-important Sweat Pledge? Here are some tips to get you going. 


6 months in the making, Kajsa finally got on the TEDx stage in Chania, Crete, to deliver 13 minutes of inspiration. You can decide whether she succeeded or not!

(opening NOTE: apologies for some of this being blunt - here at Sweat Pledge we don't like to beat around the bush. #sorrynotsorry)

What's your excuse?!
We all have them, though some of us listen to them more than others. So how do we STOP making excuses? With difficulty, but hopefully here's some useful tips:

Our ambassadors are very special to us. Everyone has a back story, and we feel that our ambassadors all have something to give and a story to relate to. Mick Hobster is no exception.

On 28th October, Nikki left her house in Nottingham to run her 63rd and final marathon of a world record attempt at the most marathons in consecutive days.

"Thinking your way out of problems with your mind is not terribly effective. It’s like trying to run until your broken leg feels better."

John Moe, The Hilarious World of Depression

When you have a mental health condition, it’s easy to think of your brain as the only organ that really matters: an isolated (and isolating) object that dominates your every thought, action and behaviour.

Kajsa joined Leisure Lakes, who we love, and Leigh Timmis, who came back from cycling round the world earlier this year, in the Lake District. Watch the video and get inspired!!

YOU'VE DONE IT!!! Congratulations, you've completed your Sweat Pledge!! We hope you're subsequently basking in the glory of your achievement! Once you've come down to earth, you may start to feel the void. Whatever next?!

Sweat Pledge partnered up with their buddies Volute Web Design to get some pledges at the Rushcliffe Business Showcase in Nottingham recently. We asked people to either make a pledge, or an excuse! There were some fantastic pledges and only a couple of excuses!

Looking to increase your mileage/kilometrage (is that a real word) but you're intimidated by events because they appear to be for non-beginners? Fear not, that's the exact reason we've started the Sweat Pledge First Time Challenge!


To some, a 50-mile bike ride is really no big deal. To some, a 5km run is really no big deal. For the majority of people, it is. So when someone achieves either one, it is time for celebration. Indeed, if someone achieves something they've never achieved before, it should be celebrated.