Day 14 challenge is open!

Tricep dips... Or triceratops...

They're pretty similar, but if you want to know the differences then you'll have to google it, because it's too late, too complicated and we're not paleontologists.

Focus! Today's challenge is 3 sets of 10 tricep dips. Find out what they are here:

We don't have a video from our nominated challenger for yesterday, so here's a picture of ambassador Wozzy and Wozzy-B doing some sun salutations.

wozzy sun

The advent calendar challenge rules: Open the door, do the challenge. It's that simple. If you really CAN'T do the challenge, for whatever reason, get someone else to do it in your place. But let's not take the easy way out, eh? Not this close to Christmas! (no clue why, just sounds good)