Day 13 challenge is open!

It's a relaxing day today - kind of. Perform 10 sun salutations during the course of the day.

sun salutation

Confused? Here's some instructions:



Here's our nominated swedger - Sheila's Day 12 in the Big Brother... No, wait, the Sweat Pledge HOUSE, doing her day 12 challenge. :)


On the 13th of December, Sweden celebrates Sankta Lucia, or Saint Lucy. Watch a Lucia procession here (though the empty church doesn't say much for their singing, to be fair, beautiful as it is!): NOTE: The Guinness World Record for the largest Lucia procession is 1200 participants. Yes, there really is a GWR for it... They'll give one of those to anyone...

The advent calendar challenge rules: Open the door, do the challenge. It's that simple. If you really CAN'T do the challenge, for whatever reason, get someone else to do it in your place. But let's not take the easy way out, eh? Not this close to Christmas! (no clue why, just sounds good)