Day 12 challenge is open!

After yesterday's evil, EVIL burpees, it's time for something easier - ish.

Today's challenge is to stand on one leg for 1 minute each leg. If you have to put your foot down, the clock starts again!

Sweat Pledge profile of the day is Alison's - do go check it out!

And Rachel Brown was nominated for the burpees, but she's poorly, so here's ambassador Wozzy and Wozzy B doing burpees by disco.

Now once you've done your balancing, why not try balancing some stones?


The advent calendar challenge rules: Open the door, do the challenge. It's that simple. If you really CAN'T do the challenge, for whatever reason, get someone else to do it in your place. But let's not take the easy way out, eh? Not this close to Christmas! (no clue why, just sounds good)