Day 6 challenge is open!

It's time for arms! Grab something that weighs as much as you want and hold it at arm's length (arms horizontal) for 3 sets of however long you can hold your arms up for.

Why not grab a big bag of potatoes, or perhaps a couple of chairs? Stay away from the kids or pets, they probably won't appreciate it, but something that weighs enough for it to hurt!

Now it's reading time, as always. Go get inspired by Cath's blog, it really is a good one. 

Sally was nominated to produce the video for yesterday's challenge, which she did. You can view in here, on the Official Sweat Pledge Facebook group.


The advent calendar challenge rules: Open the door, do the challenge. It's that simple. If you really CAN'T do the challenge, for whatever reason, get someone else to do it in your place. But let's not take the easy way out, eh? Not this close to Christmas! (no clue why, just sounds good)