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You've signed up. What now?!

First, watch Billy and Gertrude on how they're using Sweat Pledge.

Now have a look at how to make the most of your page:

PLEDGE to motivate a friend

There are three ways of motivating a friend with a Sweat Pledge; if you've already signed up, either go to their page and click on 'MOTIVATE ME AND MAKE A PLEDGE', or click on 'ADD AND EDIT PLEDGES' on your own page.

We get it - you made a joke pledge to streak across the football pitch at half time, and now you've chickened out. That's OK, you can fix it. Here's how:

You've done a training session where you really got into the zone, and the ideas came flooding out of you. Yep, we've been there too. It's time to get them down. Here's how.

Well done! You've been out training and you want to brag about it. We don't blame you, we would too! Here's how you add an activity to your page.

It's always nice when we get cheered on, isn't it? A bit of encouragement goes a long way, and here at Sweat Pledge we know that, so we've got a section specifically for you to send some love and support to others.

Finding fellow athletes (because we're all athletes on Sweat Pledge) can be done in two ways:

We want you to share Sweat Pledge across your social media accounts, and you want shoutouts and pledges! It's a win-win! Here's how to do that.

Your inspiration is very important. Not only to you but to them, in many ways. To know that you've inspired someone is pretty special, and here at Sweat Pledge we make sure they know they've done just that. Of course, you need to make sure that you enter your inspiration properly so that you and them get linked up. Because every time you are named as someone else's inspiration, your inspiration gets to find out.

Here's how you can finish that Sweat Pledge ahead of time!

You're bored of pledging, you're bored of inspiring. That's ok, you can delete your account at any time. Here's how: